Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Answers to Secret Sister

#49 Beth Newbold
#50 Terra Dennis

Beth Newbold

Terra Dennis

Secret Sister

#49 She lives in Barrington Park, has been here for about a year, moved here from student housing at the U of U, married about a year and a half.
Her baby is named Anna and is 3 months old. She loves and tells friends about the book "Baby Wise", it helps her a lot.
As a child she lived in Newport News, Virginia. She went to junior high and high school in Orem
Her favorite vacation place is Lake Powell on a boat.
Her advice for good health is to get a good night's sleep and walk every day.
Her favorite season is Spring, her favorite subject in school was mythology
TV programs they like to watch are "The Office" and "So You Think You Can Dance"
She works as a dental assistant.

She is named after the word 'earth', and she lives in the trees
She graduated from Taylorsville High school
She wants to be a high school teacher
She graduated from Salt Lake Community College for psychology
She loves History and hates math
There are 4 generations living in her home right now